This Piper Aztec on Floats is called a Nomad.  It is a very clean airplane with newer avionics and low time on the engines and propellers.

Big hauling capability and even bigger range. This is a very impressive floatplane and the buyer will not be disappointed.  

There have been many upgrades made to the engines and airframe.  It has newer Kenmore Edo Floats(2012) and is a great floatplane for remote flying.  It is a very reliable aircraft and this is a unique and rare opportunity.  They chose this aircraft over the Cessna 185 due to the two-engine reliability, better performance, and payload.

The aircraft is kept in a hangar and each year the floats are sanded down and painted.


This aircraft was purchased from Muskoka Air, which engineered and invented the Piper Aztec on floats (Nomad). The floats were installed in 2009 and the current owner purchased the aircraft at that time.  The aircraft has been used sparingly over the past decade and a half.  It is used for flying to and from the owner’s fishing lodge in Northwest Saskatchewan.  Note this is freshwater flying, not saltwater.  Only used in the summer, it hauls people and supplies into a remote camp. They could always count on the Nomad to get them where we were going.  

Note this aircraft is sold with fixed floats and does not have landing gear wheels.



  • Kenmore Air Edo floats - March 5, 2012
  • Each float has storage
  • Autopilot
  • Tip Tanks - 16 gallons extra on right wing and 16 gallons extra on left wings
  • Pilot door
  • Rear cargo door with steps to float
  • Oil coolers on each engine - recirculates oil
  • Fuel Scan 450M - digital fuel flow gauge
  • G4 Insight - graphic Engine Monitor - EGT and CHT digital temperature probes
  • 6 seats
  • Large storage in nose and rear.


  • Garmin 696 GPS
  • Garmin 250XL GPS/Radio
  • Garmin SL40 Radio
  • Garmin GTX327 Transponder
  • AF- Compact ELT
  • Garmin GMA347 Audio Panel


Engine Times

    • Right Engine – 349.5
    • Left Engine – 1096.0

Engine Overhaul Dates

    • Right Engine – March 6, 2015
    • Left Engine – April 1, 1999 (In May of 2020 all new cylinders in the left engine)
    • Oil coolers have been installed
    • EGT and CHT digital temperature probs installed
    • Many other upgrades and fixes to engines

Propeller Times

    • Right Engine – 148.0
    • Left Engine – 148.0

Propeller Overhaul Dates

    • Right Engine – February 12, 2019
    • Left Engine – February 12, 2019

Engine LH:

Make, Model, Serial number – AVCO Lycoming, IO-540-C4B5, L-11575-48

TT: 3156.8

TSO: Time since overhaul: 1106.1

TBO: Time before overhaul 2000.  Time remaining: 893.9

Engine RH:

Make, Model, Serial number – AVCO Lycoming, IO-540-C4B5, L-12525-48A

TT:  3156.8

TSO: Time since overhaul  349.5

TBO: Time before overhaul 2000 : 1650.5 hours remaining

LH Prop:

Make, Model, Serial number – Hartzell, HC-E2YR-2RBSF/F8465-7R, BP9831B

TSO: Time since overhaul – 102.2

TBO: Time before overhaul (Every 10 years) – February 2028

RH prop:

Make, Model, Serial number – Hartzell, HC-E3YR-2RBSF/F8465-7R, BP10274B

TSO: Time since overhaul – 102.2

TBO: Time before overhaul (Every 10 years) – February 2028

Floats Install Date – March 5, 2012

    • Kenmore Air Edo


Cruise speed: 140 Mph

Fuel burn – 14 Gal/hr on each side

Fuel capacity 176 Gallons.  2 inboards at 36 Gallons.  2 outboards at 36 gallons.  2 tip tanks at 16 gallons.

Safe endurance: Over 5 hours with approx 1-hour reserve. 


Empty weight: 3144.94

Weight of full fuel: 176 gallons is 1050 lbs

MTOW: 5200.  

For flying questions, we can put you in contact directly with the pilot.




Reduced Price:


  • Year: 1974

  • Manufacturer: Piper

  • Model: Aztec Nomad 23-250

  • Serial Number: 27-7405319

  • Total Time: 3156.8

  • Condition: Used

  • Location: Bonnyville. Moose Lake.

  • Engine: Lycoming IO-540-C4B5

  • Exterior Color: White with Yellow Trim

  • Interior Color: Navy Blue Fabric. Original but in fair condition. Seat covers on seats.


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